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Agricultural Company - North-western Sardinia - Municipality of Sorso (SS)

Located north of Sassari, ten kilometers from the capital, at the center of a circle of olive groves and vineyards, the municipality of Sorso is part of the north-western territory of Sardinia in the historical geographical region known as ROMANGIA.
The town is just a few minutes from the sea and the coastal stretch is sandy and rich in dunes, with thick vegetation of pines, junipers and dwarf palms; furthermore, there is the Platamona pond, rich in rare ornithological species. The long Marina di Sorso with its white beaches is very popular. The origins of Sorso are ancient: in prehistoric and nuragic times its territory was certainly inhabited, as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites of considerable interest, including the ruins of some nuraghi as well as the sacred well of Serra Niedda. The villa of "Santa Filiddiga" dates back to Roman times, near the sea, which was also inhabited in the Vandal and Byzantine periods. In the Giudicati period, the town became part of the Giudicato of Torres. The medieval town of Sorso is called Bicocca and is divided into courts with simple architecture dwellings built with tuffaceous limestone from the quarries in the area. At the top of the main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, stands the Parish Church of San Pantaleo, named after the town's patron saint, built in 1836.
Among the typical features of Sorso is the language. The country, in fact, contrary to the surrounding municipalities, is characterized by the original spoken of its inhabitants. The dialect has a linguistic structure that derives from Logudorese mixed with non-Sardinian elements and Corsican influences. It is a mixture of Sardinian, Tuscan and Genoese. Among the delicacies of the sorsense production certainly the fine wines, from vermentino to muscat, oil and the very tasty traditional desserts such as "Papassini" and "Li cozzuli di Saba". Sorso is also the birthplace of Salvatore Farina, a famous writer among the founders of Corriere della Sera.
It has a beautiful historic center rich in history and culture with a future construction that extends towards the sea whose distance is 3 Km reachable with a linear road combined with a pedestrian path for an eco-sustainable use of the territory that extends for about 67 km square.
This agricultural vocation is combined with the tourist one due to the fact that, positioned in front of the Gulf of Asinara (Natural National Park), it extends over it with a sandy coast for about 12 Km and a rocky one for about 5 Km forming a terrace on the sea of ​​about 17 Km.
It is present in the immediate vicinity of the famous Platamona beach, the Stagno e Ginepreto which takes its name from the same beach, a wetland of important naturalistic interest equipped for guided tours, bird watching, agility dogs and various activities aimed at enjoying the good.
The coastal road that runs parallel to the shoreline allows access to the sea through languages ​​called combs that add up to 10 in total, of which 3 are awarded the famous "Blue Flag" for the particular combination of nature and services they offer.
Along this coastal strip extends a Ginepreto Pinewood of about 700 hectares to form a green lung and a naturalistic oasis without equal.

Softly nestled among vineyards and olive groves, its splendid white beaches on the long Marina, rich in pines, junipers and dwarf palms, and the small houses and the limestone courts of its medieval old town, and the Sardinian-Tuscan-Genoese linguistic interlacement , make it a unique and fascinating place of Romangia.

Agricultural area cultivated with vineyards located in the countryside of Sorso loc. "Pettenadu", totaling approx. 108.943, identified by the PUC, starts in the E2 area and starts in the E5 area (with considerable building possibilities for activities connected with the management of the Fund, such as a Winery, an agritourism with related sports activities, etc.) located mainly in the hills, sheltered from the winds;
It arrives from Sorso through the S.S. n ° 200 and the S.P. n ° 29 bis for a total distance of 7 Km; its distance from the sea is about 3 km, while it is 20 km from the provincial capital, Sassari; 18 Km from Porto Torres (mooring of ships to and from the continent), 40 km from Alghero (airport), 10 km from Castelsardo (tourist town) and 80 km from Santa Teresa di Gallura (tourist town of the Costa Smeralda).
It overlooks the lush and productive valley of the Rio Silis and from it you can see the sea and the archipelago of the Asinara National Park;
The vineyard produces from a minimum of 500 q of grapes to a maximum of 800 q depending on the vintage and the growing conditions dictated by the weather conditions;
The main grapes are: Cannonau, Monica, Vermentino and Moscato, common grapes such as the Spanish group, Nebbiolo, Pascale Cagliari, the common group and others, including table grapes such as Italy, the cardinal, grapes Romana, the Taloppo and the Bellona; this vineyard has, for about half, an age equal to 30 years and 25 years for the remaining part;
The company has a tool shed of about 70 square meters and all the mechanical equipment necessary to cultivate it, including equipment and a crawler tractor;
Raw water and electricity can be activated by joining existing irrigation consortia and contacts with Enel;
About 300 olive trees are planted in the highest part of the vineyard
The company has been well established for about 60 years and owns the buyers for the sale of its products. (Start)
We are available to follow the Company, even after the sale, if the buyer requests it, for an agreed fee.

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