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Property for sale in Abruzzo Questionnaire

Answer the following questions to let us know what type of property you intend to purchase in Abruzzo. Email them to Gianpiero De Filippo on or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

01: What type of house are you looking for in Abruzzo?
02: Where would you like it to be? Mountains? Seaside? Hills? Town?
03: Are you a cash buyer or will you need a mortgage?
04: How many bedrooms? For how many people?
05: Must the house be in or outside a town?
06: Do you want the house habitable or do you want one to restore?
07: Is land important? How much land?
08: Will the house be used for holidays, business, or retirement?
09: Will you use your house for holiday rentals?
10: What budget have you decided for your house purchase?
11: Do you know already the Abruzzo region?
12: What do you expect from your investment in Abruzzo?
13: Why have you chosen the Abruzzo region?
14: Do you speak any italian at all?
15: Have you planned a trip to Abruzzo for the near future?

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