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Location: the number one factor in property buying

The value of any property for sale highly depends on where it is placed or based. When referring to the most important factor in determining a property market value, everybody agrees that location is the most important one. Professionals examine a complex group of features in order to obtain an objective value figure for real estate.

Every town hall (municipio) around Italy has four main official legal instruments which discipline the urban development of each village or city (1 piano regolatore generale, 2 piano regolatore esecutivo, 3 piani particolareggiati, 4 regolamento edilizio). Both surveyors and agents evaluating a property are able to know and should know the following:

– if the area is classified as urban or agricultural;

– if the area has planning limitations;

– if the area is undergoing ejectment;

– what is the IF (indice di fabbricabilitĂ ) of the land, i.e. how many cubic meters of residential or commercial structures can be built on the land;

– size of the plot (smaller plots have a higher unit value);

– shape of the plot (plots with regular shapes are valued more than those with irregular shapes);

– lenght of the road front (a longer front makes the plot more valuable);

– width of the road;

– position of the plot (plots on flat land are more valuable);

– orientation of the house (houses orientated towards south are more valuable);

– land quality;

– distance of the plot from electricity, gas, sewage public systems;

– accessibility to the main road;

– quality of the view from the house;

– degree of local pollution of water and air;

– position of the plot (central, outskirts, etc);

– distance from schools, shops, offices, hospital, public transport, etc;

– area quality of life (are there any factories or are there any parks nearby?);

– landscapes beauty in the area;

– efficiency of local public services;

– degree of noise pollution in the area;

– legal limitations (possibility of ejectment for public use, active or passive rights of way).

Now you know better why the location is the most important aspect of a property in Italy.

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