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A Home in Italy: 4 Simple Reasons why You Must!

A Home in Italy: 4 Simple Reasons why You Must!


When you have lived most of your life across different cities and countries, nothing seems to stand out after a while. At a point you become jaded and lose your sense of wonder.

Living in Italy makes you immune to such feeling. Italy regularly offers something new. It’s in all the natural sights around you. It’s also in the people and how they go about their daily lives.

It’s in having to walk past beautiful natural sights regularly over the course of your daily commute. It’s also in the advantage of never needing a treadmill as a result of all the walks and hike trails which make it easy to have fun whilst shedding calories. Italy affords a balance of sorts.

Your choice of city doesn’t matter, Italy will feed your creativity and sense of wonder and you will have stories to share for a lifetime.

Here are 4 reasons why we think you’d be convinced to buy property in Italy.

  1. Because everyone needs a summer house in one of the top tourist attractions in the world.

If there is one thing Italy is famous for, it’s tourism. From Florence, to Venice and Rome, especially in the summer time, tourists from all over the world flood the country and take up hotels and hostels because everyone wants a piece of the pie. Italy is indeed the place to be.

You as much as most, want a renewed experience of the enchantment every so often. So why not ease some of the stress that comes with planning yearly vacations and buy a summer house? You could readily get one that gives you your choice views. Gianpiero De Filippo is one of many licensed agents in Italy who are able to offer guidance and support in finding your desired property.


  1. Because your Italian neighbours are homely and friendly.

When it comes to hosting dinner parties, Italians have the best etiquettes; you’re almost certain it is constitutional (or maybe not.) How else does one account for visitors always showing up with a present? It’s usually wine or chocolates (these work wonders now don’t they?)

But no matter the occasion, best believe neighbours and friends who stop by will do so with a present 10 times out of 9. It is actually part of the gift giving etiquette in Italy as reported by So own your property, host dinner parties and be a recipient of the traditional, constitutional Italian warmth.

  1. Because it’s not as complicated as you may think!

Regardless of the type of property you’re interested in or the type of arrangement/deal you’re looking to get in Italy, the House Shop is guaranteed to provide for your needs. There is a seamless connection between agents, property owners and people like you seeking the property. You can make as many enquiries as you need and have any possible concerns, about getting short-changed, laid to rest with the multiple options available.

Simply put; ask, seek and find. The House shop is there for those purposes.

  1. Because there’s no place like home

Although we mentioned earlier how booking hotels and hostels ahead of time could be sometimes stressful, that is not to say we assume you’re only in Italy for a vacation. It could be for work, a fresh start/change of environment or even for school! But whatever your reasons, nothing beats the peace, security and feeling of contentment that comes with knowing you are going home to your own space at the end of a long day.

Italy is incredibly social. So after a long night of dancing and or sightseeing, how about you make your way to your own home, your space and your rules.


We hope you do not for some reason imagine that buying property in Italy compels you to live there all through the year. Remember our first point? Summer/vacation home.

Perhaps you’re saying to yourself as you read this “but I’m not an Italian national.” When has that ever stopped anything? specialises in providing information, analysis and advice on the purchase of property abroad. So you have no fears or excuses. Even avails you with numerous options tailored to suit your expectations. There is something for everyone so do not for a moment imagine that your needs cannot be catered to.

We have given you the reasons and we have also provided you with channels to follow through. At this point, it’s all in your hands. Your dream summer home is literally one click away!