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We have come to Abruzzo and bought two properties with Gianpiero, from HOUSEABRUZZO. Not only he has made the whole process funny and enjoyable, we ended up with a true friend.

On top of his assistance in the buying process, his services covered also the after sale help, assisting us to settle down in Italy so smoothly.
By far the best estate agent in Italy.
Nitsan Morgenstern, manager at Spirits Intent.

property for sale in italy

We have recently bought a house in Italy through HOUSEABRUZZO. We were incredibly well supported throughout the process. Gianpiero has been a reliable and continued source of information and advice which has been invaluable. The service provided by HOUSEABRUZZO far exceeded all we could have hoped for. The purchase proceeded swiftly and was managed in a very professional and responsive manner. 

Gianpiero has continued to offer incredibly useful post purchase support which has been invaluable in settling in and organising bills and utilities for our new house.

We have especially appreciated Gianpiero's charm and friendliness  as well as his patience and good humour. HOUSEABRUZZO provided an excellent service and we highly recommend. Five stars. Thank you.
Debbie and Steve Hunter, from United Kingdom.

property for sale in italy

We have bought a property in Miglianico, Abruzzo and throughout the entire process, we had great support from Gianpiero. He spent time with us, doing his utmost to match what we were looking for. We enjoyed his humour and were grateful for his patience.
He follows through with the after sales, going beyond what you'd expect. Not for the first time has he loaded his car at furniture shops to help us furnish our home when we couldn't make it over from Scotland! Gianpiero is now our friend, we've enjoyed hospitality from his lovely wife and we still receive support 2 years on, to rent our property.
Highly recommend this agent. He will smooth out the buying/selling/renting process for you, with Italian humour, dedication and local knowledge.
Elaine Cameron and Frank Pratt, from United Kingdom

property for sale in italy

My wife and I cannot express enough words describing the unique and amazing Gianpiero. He had patience when showing us nearly a dozen properties, the humour in the diversity of our Italian experiences with him, the insight to help us find just the right property (amazingly we selected the very first property he showed us) and the friendship that is rare in the global world we live.
As American's re-kindling our Italian heritage, we have found a wonderful conduit to the beautiful land of Abruzzo in the quaint mountain side town of Bucchianico. He has been and continues to be a great friend that we remain in constant contact when in Italy or America. We cherish his warmth, humour and friendship and cannot recommend a finer representative of Italian properties. 
Jim and Tracey Coleman, from West Palm Beach, Florida , USA

property for sale in italy

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